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CCN System of Accounting


What is CCN System of Accounting?

CCN System of Accounting is a complete accounts management system of an organization endorsing thereby all related risk to CCN. It enables clients to focus on their core business areas without allotting valuable time in non-core areas like Accounting. It's a complete outsourcing of Accounting Department (from Transaction Recording to regular Financial Reporting).


Why to adopt CCN System of Accounting?

Many businesses successfully outsource non-core functions such as accounting, legal and marketing to specialists. Accounting is arguably one of the most important non-core functions in a business, as good accounting and record-keeping practices are vital for both compliance and decision making. Contracting with a professionally trained team of accountants on a casual basis enables the business to control costs, save time and access expertise.


Here are some of the scenarios in which a business might find it profitable to adopt CCN System of Accounting.


1. Save time

Many small business owners attempt to do their own accounting and bookkeeping. If you're a small business owner without a dedicated accounting department in your organization, you can benefit from outsourcing your accounting function to a qualified team of accountant. Rather than allotting your valuable time maintaining records, meeting compliance requirements and tax returns yourself, you can use this time to focus on core business functions. Contracting with a team of accountants gives you more time for more important activities such as managing the business, creating new products or services and overseeing the day-to-day activities of your business.


2. Save costs

CCN System of Accounting service is an option to consider, if the business is looking for ways to reduce overheads. Many businesses, especially smaller organizations, have no need for a dedicated, full-time accountant. By contracting a team of accountants on an hourly or by-the-job basis, your organization can save significantly on costs.


3. Access expertise

If your business does not have a dedicated accountant or accounting department, you can still access the expertise of an accountant without having to hire full-time accounting staff. Accounting is a highly technical area that requires expertise and experience. By engaging a team of accountants on a contractual basis, you can reduce the risk of erroneous financial records and statements.


4. Ongoing support

Adopting CCN System of Accounting is a good idea to be able to access ongoing, real time support without having a full-time employee in the area. Contracting a team of accountants on a freelance basis usually entails an hourly payment plan. This allows the organization to reduce gradually the service expenses while having full access to ongoing real time support.


5. Manage risk

Business owners who are concerned about risk management and compliance should divert their valuable time for core areas rather doing their own book keeping. By joining hands with a team of accountants on a contractual basis, you are reducing business expenses and overheads while lowering the risks associated with poor financial controls arising from erroneous financial records and statements.


6. Excellent records

A business that has poorly maintained financial records should consider Adopting CCN System of Accounting. Poor records can affect decision making, cost controls and the overall performance of the business. The team of accountants can assist with cleaning up records, bringing them up to date, and ensuring that the business is complying with all record-keeping requirements.


What CCN Offers

  1. Full-time/ Part time Accountant at your premises under guidance of CCN on contractual basis
  2. Installation of Accounting Software and support
  3. Monthly Reporting of financial position by CCN team of Professional CAs
  4. Accounts Data Backup at our responsibility confidentially
  5. Assisting Statutory Auditors on behalf of Clients

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